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This one contains the missing compound swivel, compound slide, headstock. Gingery lathe by scorch a gingery lathe made based on the book by david gingery. Dave gingery pdf results 1 12 of 37 build your own metal working shop from scrap complete 7 book series. The bed casting for the gingery lathe is probably the most complicated casting in the book. Plans to build the melting furnace and instructions for basic pattern making and molding to get your shop project underway. Throw a stone at any gathering of makers, and youre likely to hit somebody who owns a set of diysavant dave gingerys classic books on building your own machine shop by casting scrap aluminum, melted in a charcoalpowered bucket furnace, into sand molds formed by wooden patterns. Gingerysheet metal technology free download as text file. I took a break from the lathe and made this plaque.

You can build your own metal lathe with 7 swing and 12 centers. If i click on one there are opportunities to buy via links or search for a library copy but all said no ebook available. When someone asked me for a biographical sketch i was a bit confused and embarrassed so i answered lightly. Or as a twoblock version with an engine blockbased vertical slide. Patterns for 4 jaw chuck, 2 jaw chuck and steady rest. The best gingery lathe video series to date hackaday. The charcoal foundry by david gingery and simple hand methods no machine tools needed. Because of this im not planning on using drafts like in the book. Dave gingery recommends building the pattern from 14 plywood. The procedures and systems for forming and joining sheet metal. I would suggest that you make sure you also have gingerys book on building a metal lathe because he uses the lathe to. Throw a stone at any gathering of makers, and youre likely to hit somebody who owns a set of diysavant dave gingerys classic books on.

It can be built as a oneengine block machine with a plate and angle iron vertical slide. There are also a few pdf copies floating around that are acceptable quality. Gingery is famous for its build your own metal working shop from scrap, which details how to build reasonably and completely a low cost machining workshop, often with scrap metal and other items. Dae lathe and foundry are then used to make more complicated machine tools. The sand mould weighs something like 40kg, and requires to be turned over several times. Hi all, im starting out onthe gingery workshop route, but the bed casting for the lathe just doesnt feel right.

Join the grabcad community today to gain access and download. Gingery lathe discussion split archive alloyavenue. These are links to other peoples projects, foundries, and. This book is part of the seven book series on building a metal shop from scrap. Archive homemade lathe tools, plans, and diy projects. Then, using the foundry and some extremely basic metal working techniques, you build a lathe using aluminum sand castings, which you then go on to use to build a metal shaper, mill, drill. Milling machine build your own metalworking shop from. I am descended from 5, generations of toolusing primates. I decided to use springs to keep a constant tension on the belts. The grabcad library offers millions of free cad designs, cad files, and 3d models.

Firstly, the pattern needs to be made carefully, otherwise the sand cores will lock in place. Its been a while since ive made any progress on the lathe build, but this video covers my recent work on the headstock. I think defiant was just joining in with everyone ripping on the newb who claimed. Types of lathes lathe figure 71 is ideally suited for this purpose. Fine sand from the bottom of a virginia trout stream mixed with. The metal lathe build your own metal working shop from. This isnt a very clear shot, but was intended to show the first belt from the motor to the secondary shaft. Gingery lathe in the foreground, gingery mill and homebuilt wood lathe in background. You have to get power from your motor to your chuck, and you need to do it so there is little or no slippage. His videos on the process are by far the most detailed. The multimachine open source concrete lathe project.

If you want to make a roughly 12x24 lathe which would be double the swing and length of a gingery, near enough, and have it really usable, youll need a bedways casting that weighs something like 150 lbs, minimum, and the better lathes in this size range have beds weighing as much as 500 lbs. Skean dhu has posted a link for a pdf on how to build a lathe. The most common size for a multimachine has 12to15 of table vertical travel and a 32 lathe swing. Black locust cabinetmakers workbench ebook plans available homebuilt wood lathe. Adjustable tailstock with setover for taper turning. Mini mill cnc conversion, gives some good tips on improving the accuracy of the z axis feed. A trained lathes can be divided into three types for easy identification. For anyone who likes this sort of thing, the dave gingery workshop book. Build your own metal working shop from scrap by david j. This is a very versatile machine that will speed up your current working pace and allow you to tackle tasks that before would have been impossible.

Dave gingery wrote a series of books back in the 80s about building a metal working shop, from scrap. Im still missing the tailstock assembly and such, but ill add those when i get to that point. July 7, 2016 makercise has been working on a gingery lathe since september last year. Dont know if they will be dove tail joints or just glued together. Adjustable gibs in sliding members and adjustable sleeve bearings in the headstock. The charcoal foundry, the metal lathe, the metal shaper, the milling. I would like something a little more massive for extra rigidity. In the spring of 1998 i ordered the gingery series of books on how to build a metalworking shop from scratch. After printing out alot of the parts from the gingery lathe thing from sprocket1597, i saw that alot of the parts were missing, so i started designing the parts in freecad so i could get all of the parts to build the full lathe. Especially since i never finished the gingery lathe. And, c you combine the parts you make, with a few bits of steel, machine. My initial goals are to build a working foundry and develop my casting skills.

This is my progress on the gingery lathe as of 12102011. The turret lathe is a lathe used extensively for the highspeed production of duplicate parts. This page shows my process of making the famous gingery lathe. This article describes how the foundry was built and what was done at the camp. Gingerly lathe machining collection by andy parmley. Charcoal foundry plans to build the melting furnace and instructions for basic pattern making and molding to get your shop project underway. Wooden patterns used to create the sand molds to make lathe parts. December 19, 1932 may 3, 2004 was an inventor, writer, and machinist, best known for his series of books on how to build machine tools gingery is most famous for his build your own metal working shop from scrap series, which details how to build a reasonably complete machine shop at low cost, often from scrap metal and other items. Gingery book store features books written expecially for inventors, tinkerers, machinists and experimenters. As soon as you finish the carriage assembly progress really picks up speed.

David j gingery publishing books written especially for inventors machinists tinkerers geniuses at large and a few others. Well that is a fair question, and the short answer is, i have a hard time getting motivated building a lathe that is about the same size as the one i already own. The lathe is the first machine built since it can be used to help build itself. A truly practical machine capable of precision work. Dave gingery was born in ironwood, michigan and in the. So to get a straight pattern i took some wood wall paneling material, sanded the smooth surface to rough it up then smeared a generous amount of glue on them. See more ideas about lathe machine, lathe and metal working.

Metal lathe is also known as book 2 from the best selliing 7 book series, build your own metal working shop from scrap. My lathe is by no means perfect but it is an example of a functioning lathe that i continue to use. Design comes from book 6 of david gingery bookshelf series. The metal lathe build your own metal working shop from scrap series book 2. The charcoal foundry by david gingeryand simple hand methods no machine tools needed. Using castings from your charcoal foundry see book 1 in the series. The horsepower required for regular lathetype cutting tools makes them hard to use large work pieces. Using castings from your charcoal foundry see book 1. These are links to other peoples projects, foundries, and metal shops.

Using the gingery injection molding attachment to make. I figured, hey i already have a foundry why not build some really nifty machines. I then plan to move on to building the gingery lathe. This video shows various stages of the build, ending with the boring of the headstock. Lathe operations od1645 lesson 1task 1 sliding gap feature, this lathe is similar to the floormounted engine lathe. Gingery, the milling machine, build your own metal metal lathe, the. All of the 14 plywood ive seen were about as warped and bent as an archers bow. This collectors edition contains the newly updated and complete 7 book series including. Besides what is a laboratory without a precision indexing head or milling machine. The plan is that we will 3d print the parts then form lost cast them. In addition to the build your own metal working shop from ltahe series, dave gingery and his son vincent have published a large number of booklets on shop practices, engine construction and mechanical miscellanea. I followed david ds video on the kwiky all fuel foundry with minor. Conversion of the chester champion vertical mill to cnc. The cross slide will have to be redesigned as well in order to use the improved compound, but if you have just built the lathe, making a.

Gingery was an inventor, writer, and machinist, best known for his series of books on. Using castings from the charcoal foundry and simple hand methods you can build a sturdy and accurate bed for a metal lathe. Video covers setting the pattern in molding sand, casting the pattern in. These pages are designed to document my creation of a working home foundry for melting and casting aluminum, brass, and other metals. The fep30gp pdf gingery charcoal foundry furnace in action. I am planning to make it roughly according to dave gingery although i am planning to make it in lost foam to get it done quicker. The multimachine is a multi purpose machine tool that a semiskilled mechanic with just regular hand. The multimachine open source concrete lathe project an almost free metal lathe, drill and milling machine accurate, and scalable to almost any size the technology used has been proven for almost 100 years easily made from scrap, steel bar and concrete mix. Dave gingery says to thread nuts onto the leadscrew against the journals to act as lock nuts. I started with a 5 gallon steel bucket lined with firebrick mortar for a foundry. The metal lathe build your own metal working shop from scrap gingery, david on. Metal lathe made from scrap auto parts hacker news. Not just a how to, there are a lot of handy links on the page too.

Ive owned a set myself, for more than a decade, and at least starting on the lathe, which is the first. The guys at sell a replacement bed for the micromark 7x14 minilathe. I know some have beefed up the casting, or used brass, but how about this. Free gingery style lathe plans yes i too am building a metal working shop from scrap using the books written by mr. The classic seven book series by dave gingery is now available in a. Well i started the lathe project and had cast the bed and feet when i was given a lathe by a friend of mine.

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